Solution for an energy marketing major

The Business Need

A leading UK based petrochemical market information provider needed to collect information on gas commodities on a daily basis in near real time. The information was to be used for publishing on their website in either gas day or intraday formats. The data needed to be collected from between 300 and 400 gas interconnection points that were manned for the purpose of transmitting gas across various regions in the European region. The information was available in unstructured formats, in the various languages and a varied set of units of measure depending on the country in the region, where the interconnection points were located. These data had to be collected, collated, converted to a single common language, English, a single common unit of measure and then delivered to the client in the form of XML through an automated feed.


The information available was in different languages and various unit measures, across the various countries in the European region. These had to be collected by the solution and the converted to one language and one unit of measure. The accuracy of this system to had to validated before deployment into production.

There were approximately between 300 and 400 interconnection points that needed to be monitored by the system and every time there was a change in the usage patterns, these had to be reported in the next Gas Day or Intra Day cycle.

The Mobius Solution

The Mobius solution was developed based on an understanding for the client requirements and validated with the client for meeting their key criteria with respect to their requirements. This involved the implementation of a staging database that allowed for extraction and storage of data on gas usage and flow across countries in the region. The data was then uploaded into a production system where it was homogenized to a single unit and language. This made for easy comparison of the data points to arrive at actionable intelligence on gas usage and information. The solution involved building the automation for extraction of data and data transfers between storage system and homogenizing the data as needed. The information was then delivered to the client via an SFTP mode from the production database.

The rules engine ensured that data was validated before being delivered to the client based on established formulae’s and rules for the business across the region.

All of these capabilities had to be provided with high availability and replication of datastores were designed as part of the overall architecture.


  • 300-400 interconnection points were monitored Information extracted was stored in various languages and units of measure
  • Homogenizing of the information into one language (English) and one unit of measure for efficient reporting
  • Completely automated system with high availability as per requirements.


The Mobius solution ensured information on changes to gas usage across the set frequencies as desired by the client was delivered to them in the format they expected. The challenge with homogenizing the data sets into one language and one unit of measure was managed by a customized routine developed for this purpose and automation of the monitoring of changes in gas usage to be the trigger for sending the information sets to the client.